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Many elements go into developing a successful tourism marketing strategy by visual. The opportunity is perfect for you to promote your tourism business, town and region using our successful methods, solid strategies and extensive experience which makes all the difference in today’s competitive tourism marketplace.
Viskrenus has many years of experience in developing highly successful tourism marketing by visual. Some of these include combining the complex elements of new-world marketing with traditional marketing approaches, your unique business, town or regional benefits connected with the wants, desires and needs of the visitor. All this is engineered with a brilliant message and use of design, photography and copywriting that ultimately connects visitors emotions and their desire for unique experiences in life.


Tourism is what drives us.

It’s the year of the tourismpreneur. Thanks, in part, to social media, nature, and the constant evolution of technology, it’s a great time to start a business. And with new trends popping up constantly, Efficiently unleash cross-tourism media

we are at the forefront of preparing the best moments with the best photography weapons. because we believe moments are a valuable thing.

The benefit when we develop the tourism business together is the greater the profit and benefits for the community.

We continue to innovate to produce creative product solutions that will provide new colors of tourism.

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Business tourism includes broadly human travelling for purposes related to their work, more specifically business and commercial trips or other kind of trips, participation in events organized by various economic enterprises or
administrative bodies for their representatives. We provides photography service at Tourism Destination.

The old methods of tourism marketing are beginning to erode while the new world of marketing takes control. It’s now about crafting a story and creating a unique experience unlike anyone else. Utilising the technology of the internet means everyone has the same opportunities to promote themselves therefore bypassing traditional tourism bodies and methods.

Photography gives strength to tourist destinations to be known by many people. This power will be brought by tourist visitors and delivered to other wider communities. We create that power from a photo in your tourism spot.

The Lodge Woodland Maribaya is one of the tourism attractions in Lembang Bandung that offers various things to visitors. Here we can do various activities such as camping, tracking around the beautiful pine forest area, gathering and team building events, or even just refreshing enjoying the culinary.

September 2016 – February 2019

Rabbit Town Bandung, integrated tourist area with a unique concept that combines the center of culinary tourism, shopping, recreation and tourist photos.

Centrum Million Balls is a new selfie tourist place now in Bandung. Looking at the hobbies of Indonesian young people, especially in Bandung, Centrum Million Balls also carried the theme “selfie” and made this place full of colorful and contemporary selfies.

This Is Me Bandung is a selfie destination, is a one stop selfie. Here visitors can freely take pictures everywhere. many Instagenic photo spots include Pink Theater, Pink Hotel, Pink Ice Cream, Sunday Mart, Oh My Gummy, Gym Time, Froot Loops Pool, Bake My Day, This Is Me Town, The Beauty Bar, Fly Me Unicorn, Laundry, 106 Avenue, and Flamingo Beach.

Interesting and unique tourism concepts and you must visit. Pink Ice Cream, a selfie tourist spot in which there are many interesting photo spots with beautiful colors and you can taste culinary variants ice cream there.

Today’s trend of resort spots in addition to offering accommodation, scenery and restaurants is a very offer of Instagramable photo spots. One of them is Driam Riverside.Driam Riverside has a Wahana that makes you satisfied to enjoy exciting games here, such as the Tarzan Swing that float above the river and many more. After you play here, you can be satisfied while enjoying the culinary menu with the variety offered.


Business tourism is the provision of facilities and services to the millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality

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We like explore, wonder, imagine and the well balanced tourism. We express imagination that may exist in a tourism place, making it a picture of the best moments in peoples life.